Mortlach History and Whisky Walk

Arrive at the Seven Stills for a welcoming dram of the new release Mortlach 18YO. You will first hear the history of the distillery and how we arrived at this fantastic first dram in the Malt Whisky Capital from as long back as 1823.

A visit to the old Coppersmiths House and Exciseman's lodgings for a musical dram and then a short walk to Mortlach to see where the Celtic Monks first distilled in 566AD. We visit the Kirk, grave-robbers watchers hut, and hear about the legendary battle in the 11th Century and the Pictish Battle Stone.

We will stop at the historic kiln of Mortlach Distillery and run through the odd 2.81 distillation process whilst sipping on another fine dram of Mortlach. Passing by an old temperance hotel we will return to the Seven Stills for the discontinued but much appreciated 16 Year Old Flora and Fauna.

You will hear stories of the Mortlach Exciseman and will have a go using some of his original instruments to measure the strength/volume of alcohol. You will try this for yourself and then finish with the fine 1984 vintage 30YO.

Lots more besides.

The easy walk is just over a mile long, lasts two and a half hours and is accompanied by 5 drams.

Offered by Alistair as a qualified walking guide.

This event has already taken place.

Please come again next year.

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